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Well said! Kinship is way more complicated than people understand it to be. This was a great read Emily. I wasn’t going to watch the show….but now I just might😉

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I look forward to highlighting your story here soon! People need to hear more about the complexities of in-family adoption! Thank you for being so open with me! ♥️

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Great piece, Emily! I hadn't even caught that Ashleigh had been adopted, much less by her father's parents! Good catch!

It's really compassionate of you to think of how it must have been for Ashleigh to do that interview. I felt so bad for her as she explained, with obvious pain in her voice and facial expressions, why she hadn't been invited to the wedding. I mean, I guess it was her choice to do it, but maybe she was coerced by M.& H.? (Or shall we call them "H&M"? :-) ) As we adoptees know, it's so easy as adoptees to be coerced or pushed into doing things we don't want to do, even if we know it wll hurt or harm us.

Meghan has cut off her father, and since Samantha seems so much worse, even, than Meghan's father, Meghan probably considered it a small thing to have Ashleigh cut off her own mother for her sake. But that's manipulative and tone-deaf regarding adoption trauma.

I adored Lady Diana, and I must confess that consequently, I do follow the princes and the Royal family - all because of Diana, actually. I'm very fond of Harry, and am still trying to figure out Meghan, but was very happy to see her connecting with people throughout the global commonwealth who finaly saw themselves represented in the monarchy. I think Meghan's done an amazing job and has been very courageous. I'm sure that to mention she had been suicidal in the interview with Oprah took an enormous amount of bravery. Meghan is disarmingly honest and transparent. These qualities don't fit in with the monarchy's way of doing things at all. But I imagine they are a large part of the "pull" that drew and continues to draw Harry to her. Refreshing!

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